Follow-up thoughts from Belichick

A few follow-up thoughts from coach Bill Belichick on his conference call today:

1. Where the team goes from here. "Obviously, it's a good feeling to have a 13-3 regular season. There were a lot of ups and downs along the way, a lot of challenges we had to face. Players did a good job and performed well enough to achieve that record. It's not easy to do in this league. We put ourselves in a decent position here and now it's really time to end that chapter and move on to the next one. There are certainly a lot of things we can do better and improve on; all those type of things. So that's what we'll try to do in the coming weeks -- this week and in our game preparations for next week, whoever that is against. But I think we can improve on all three phases in the game, and as coaches take a look at some of the things we're doing and try to figure out better ways and improve some of the things we're doing to be a little more productive. It's good to see a couple players back out there yesterday. That's always good. [Maybe] more of those moving forward but we'll have to take that as it comes."

2. On Ryan Wendell over Donald Thomas at left guard in the season finale. "It's a little bit different than last week. We went into this game knowing who was available and who wasn't. Last week, we had a couple situations come up, one prior to the game, one in the game, that we had to react to. Based on the way we had prepared for the game, last week was a little bit different with our options and set-up. Whatever players we put out there, we have confidence in. We've seen a lot of them. We've seen four centers ..."

3. Thoughts on the AFC playoff picture. "There isn't too much we can do about that for a few days, so I think the most important thing is to focus on our team and what we can do to improve on our end. Certainly we're aware of the three potential teams we can play next, and will definitely do work on them and make sure we're prepared and get a little bit of a head start there, but the bigger picture for us right now is just trying to make sure we take advantage of our opportunities in practice and meetings, and the time we have between now and our next game to do the best things we can do to help ourselves individually and help our team. That obviously covers a lot of ground. We'll try to prioritize those. ... If we can get the team 10 percent better than where we are now, whatever the number is, I think we're helping ourselves."