Belichick: Glad to have McDaniels back

Patriots coach Bill Belichick held his weekly conference call with reporters and a hot topic of discussion was the return of Josh McDaniels to New England's staff.

"It's good to have Josh on the staff. He's a person I've spent a lot of different time with, in a lot of different situations, and I have a lot of confidence in him," Belichick said. "He's smart, has great experience and background, and he knows our system.

"I've enjoyed our conversations the last couple days. We've got caught up on some things. As we move forward into the playoffs here, and I think he'll be a good asset to our team for the remainder of the season. We'll deal with next year, next year."

Belichick said details such as where McDaniels will coach in Saturday's game -- the sidelines or coaching booth -- will be determined later in the week.

"I think he can help us in a lot of different ways; not sure exactly how all that will pan out," Belichick said.