Wilfork: Tebow 'tough guy to prepare for'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Some quick hits from Vince Wilfork’s press conference this morning in the media workroom at Gillette Stadium:

Gang tackling a must: Wilfork stressed how dangerous both Tim Tebow and some of the other Denver skill players can be, and emphasized how important it will be to swarm to the ball. “We can’t depend on one guy to try and make a play or bring down these guys,” he said. “I think you’re gonna need two, three, four guys around the ball at all times to be successful, to be a good tackling team. ... I think the success that people have tackling, you see a lot of gang tackles. That’s intimidation, that’s what that is. One guy, that’s tough, they get paid just like we get paid, so the more people we can get to the ball, get around the ball, the better we’ll be.”

Test in discipline: Tebow’s unique makeup dictates a more stay-at-home approach up front -- a wrong guess here or a risky move could be more than costly against a dual-threat quarterback with Tebow’s build. “He’ll go anywhere. Like I said, we all have jobs we have to take care of,” Wilfork said. “Some of them, it’s predicated on the rush up front. A lot of pressure is up there, because we know this guy can make a lot of plays and get the ball to his playmakers, so we can’t be out of our rush phase, we can’t be thrown off blocks, we have to have good technique, trust our technique, trust one another, that the guy next to you is doing his job. Do that, we’ll be OK.”

Tebow’s strengths -- where do you want to start?: Wilfork was asked by a reporter what jumps off the page on Tebow’s scouting report, and he threw the question back, “What don’t jump off the page?” he asked. “I mean, he’s just a tough, tough guy to prepare for. You can speak all day about how tough he is, and how elusive he is, but it really don’t matter until you face him. And when you face him, you really figure out, ‘Man, this dude is like a running back’. He’s a big dude, a strong guy. I know we talked about it, but I didn’t realize. He’s just a physical guy, his stature, just a big guy. I’ve seen some big guys over the years, but he’s probably one of the biggest and toughest, probably one of the strongest, that I’ve faced.”