Engaging Belichick 'deals' with media

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- As Bill Belichick arrived at the podium for his 10:45 a.m. news conference, he looked out at the assembled media and asked, "How's it goin'?"

For the next 20 minutes, Belichick was "dealing" with the media, going in-depth on a variety of topics including Tim Tebow, how the Broncos have changed since the Dec. 18 meeting between the teams, what makes Deion Branch special, Nate Solder's contributions as a rookie, Rob Gronkowski's personality, how sacks and interceptions aren't always reflective of top performance, Bill O'Brien's workload, and the Broncos' rushing attack.

Anything else you're interested in? Belichick was happy to oblige almost any topic, which was different from Tuesday (link here).

This is often the case toward the end of the week when more of the heavy lifting has already been completed. Perhaps Belichick is also pleased with the work that his team has put in to this point.

Belichick opened with these remarks:

"We're winding it down. It's good to have had prior experience against them earlier in the year, because they're a tough team to get ready for. They do a good job in all three phases of the game. Coach Fox has done an excellent job with the team on a lot of levels. They certainly have a lot of tough schemes to prepare for, a lot of good players, and they utilize them well. So hopefully we'll be able to play competitively Saturday night. I think the players are excited to play. It's been a couple weeks, but a week off last week in terms of getting a couple extra days rest, things like that, were good. But I think everybody is excited to play, so hopefully we'll be ready to go."

More from Belichick in a bit.