Quick hits from the locker room

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Quick hits from the media-access period in the Patriots' locker room Thursday (1:45-3 p.m. ET):

1. Players drawing larger media crowds included WR Wes Welker, OL Nate Solder, LB Jerod Mayo and DL Kyle Love. In the media workroom, OL Logan Mankins and WR Deion Branch answered questions from reporters. Overall, the mood was light, reflecting how the Patriots have put in their work and were in the tying-up-the-loose-ends phase of their week.

2. WR Wes Welker, who is growing a mustache for charity (Wes Welker Foundation), has passed out red T-shirts to his teammates with the words "Catching passes & growing staches!" on it. Welker answered questions from reporters on his mustache and said, "Hopefully here at Gillette we'll kind of be stached out and ready for the game." Welker has sparked a mustache following on Twitter (@WesWelker).

3. DL Kyle Love missed practice Wednesday for what the team called non-injury-related reasons. "Everything is fine," he said, when asked about the absence. "Just missed one day, getting a little work in. I don't want to get into all of it. Back at work now and getting ready for this weekend, Saturday."

4. OT Nate Solder drew a crowd, which was sparked by the presence of two Denver-area television stations and Solder being from that area. When asked if ticket requests have been tough, Solder said he drew a fine line this week; he got tickets for his mother and father and everyone else was on their own.

5. Owner Robert Kraft walked through, stopping to chat with a few reporters as well as DL Vince Wilfork. Kraft complimented Wilfork on the old-school Patriots jacket he was wearing.

6. LB Jerod Mayo on preparing for the Broncos' option attack: "To be honest, I feel a little more comfortable this time around. You really don't know what to expect the first time you see the option offense. Even though the whole offense isn't the option, there are certain looks that you haven't seen since college, pretty much."

7. DL Kyle Love on if media attention on Tim Tebow fires him up: "I can't speak for everybody, I can just speak for myself. I can say that it does for me, because it gets to the point where you get tired of hearing it. You have to keep the TV off. But I love hearing because it makes me want to play hard."