Still too soon for a SBXLII flashback?

Full disclosure: We've got a video clip here ready to post with highlights from the Giants' victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. Yeah, it includes the David Tyree catch and the subsequent Plaxico Burress touchdown grab. And yeah, it shows a shell-shocked Tom Brady walking off the field with his head down.

Out of respect for the old wounds some of you might carry from that crushing defeat, we're going to let you vote on whether we'll post it here in this forum. If by 4 p.m. ET the "No" votes outnumber the "Yes" votes, we'll pass on publishing it here.

Heck, who could blame you? Even Brady said today he "still can't watch highlights from the game," though he was obviously a lot closer to it than any of us were.

Just so you "No" voters know, though, you're not going to be able to avoid it forever. You've got two weeks ahead of you before Super Bowl XLVI. But on this day, you make the call ...

[Update: The people have spoken ... no Super Bowl XLII highlights in the blog.]