Troy Brown: Pats prepared for anything

Former Patriots wide receiver Troy Brown talks on the Mike And Mike show about the Patriots-Giants rematch, what it's like playing for Bill Belichick and more.

On how -- like Julian Edelman -- he wound up playing both offense and defense:

"It really just started off with guys like Ty Law and myself just joking around with each other, just clowning about 'I can play defense, I can play offense' type stuff. ... All of a sudden one day [Eric] Mangini comes in and says 'Hey, you have to go out on the field and be able to do these [defensive] plays.

"I went out there and gave it a shot and it was the worst thing you've seen in your life. It didn't go very well, but to Bill's credit he stuck me out there the next day, and then the following day and the following day. And then he's just like, look, we've got to make sure we have a capable body back there in case we lose a lot of guys.

"So we got into week 9 or week 10 of the season and we go into St. Louis... and Assante Samuel goes down in the second play of the game and here I am with almost four whole quarter to go looking Isaac Bruce in the face... and Torry Holt and Marshall Faulk.

"You know what? I was ready for the moment and that's what Bill Belichick has been all about ... being prepared for any situation. And that's why this team continues to be what they are every single year."

One word to describe Tom Brady: "Determination. There are not many people that I've met that are as determined and competitive as Tom Brady has been over the years. I mean, it's never enough for this guy. ...

"He's just always been a natural leader for that football team."

On the Patriots-Giants matchup: "I see it being a fairly tough matchup for both teams. And this one's going to come down to, again, whoever has the ball at the end. ... I can't wait for this Super Bowl to happen again. I want these guys to give me a little payback because I was on that 2007 team so, I'm still a little bitter about that one."