Uh oh, Brady's back on SI cover

There’s bad news for Patriots fans who believe in the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Yes, Tom Brady is featured on the Jan. 25 issue.

Granted, it’s no surprise to see him there, now that the Patriots are headed to Super Bowl XLVI. And Giants QB Eli Manning is likely to be there next week. But still, the jinx phenomenon is bound to make some otherwise mature, level-headed New England fans a tad nervous.

The nice thing is that Brady looks fierce and determined in the photo (taken during last week’s win over the Ravens), as if he was thinking he would take down Eli Manning and the Giants right then and there. This is no pretty-boy pose that will have New York fans smirking. And the headline simply says: Rematch!

Inside, there’s an article by Damon Hack about how the Patriots had dedicated their season to the late Myra Kraft, and what a Super Bowl win would mean to owner Robert Kraft and the organization -- which may be enough to help Pats fans shrug off any uneasiness.

Oh, and if it lessens anyone’s concerns, this is Brady’s 24th time on the SI cover. Seems the dreaded curse hasn’t stopped him yet.

What are your thoughts about it?