Super Bowl win would pay $88K

By advancing to the Super Bowl, Patriots players have already earned an additional $62,000 each as part of the NFL's playoff shares.

With a Super Bowl win, they would earn another $88,000 each. If they lose in the Super Bowl, they would get $44,000 each.

While players are chasing a ring more than a paycheck at this point, the additional pay is a nice reward, especially for younger players like cornerback Sterling Moore.

Consider that Moore, who entered the NFL this season as an undrafted rookie with the Raiders, has been on and off the New England practice squad this season. When on the practice squad, his initial salary was $96,900.

So in three playoff games, he will have earned more than he would have if spending a full season on the practice squad.

Given Moore's contributions to the AFC Championship victory, in which he batted the ball away from receiver Lee Evans in the end zone, he's earned his share ... and then some.