N.Y. media jumps on Brady remark

http://espn.com/new-york/INDIANAPOLIS -- Some in the New York media are taking quarterback Tom Brady’s remarks at the team’s send-off rally Sunday as a slight against the Giants.

"We're going down there, and we're going down there for one reason," Brady said at the rally. "We're going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend."

The remark sparked the following headline from ESPNNewYork.com: "Brady planning victory party." The front page of ESPNNewYork also reads, "Not so fast, Tommy." (See above)

Later in the day, after arriving in Indianapolis, Brady was asked if he was hoping to project a confidence to the 25,000 fans in attendance.

“Well, it was a pep rally,” he said, drawing laughter from reporters. “People were pretty excited. Certainly players were excited. I know 25,000 fans who were there were excited as well. It was great to see the support. We get great support, home and away, and hopefully we have some Patriots jerseys in the stands next Sunday night.”

Some other soundbites from Brady upon his arrival in Indianapolis:

On what he can do to ensure he plays better this week: “I think it all comes down to preparation, and obviously we’re out there playing with confidence. We had a good week of practice, a couple of really good days of preparation, and trying to understand the strengths and weaknesses of this Giants defense. I think they’ve changed a little bit. They’re playing as well as anyone we’ve played all year.”

How strange to be in Indianapolis and not face the Colts: “We drove by Lucas Oil Stadium on the way in and you see Dwight Freeney’s picture up there and to be in Indy and not play him is definitely a relief for me. He’s terrorized me for a long time. I’ll be terrorized by some other players in some other uniforms this week. It’s great to be here. Regardless of where you play, the Super Bowl is an incredible experience for all of us. I’ve been very fortunate in my career, my fifth time. You try to communicate to the younger players how special it is to be here, because you really do never know when you’re going to come back.”

On Bill O’Brien balancing two jobs: “He’s been very focused. He’s really a professional. He is balancing a couple different things but I know he is fully committed to this team and what we’re trying to accomplish here this week. I’ve been lucky to be coached by him closely for the last three years. He’s an exceptional coach and I know Penn State is lucky to have him.”

Missing a season due to injury, like Peyton Manning, and appreciating a moment like this: “Certainly, certainly. I think for all the players, you don’t know if this is your last time ever taking the field. It’s a very physical sport. There have been a lot of players who were out there one day and the next day you don’t have the opportunity to play. That’s part of this sport. You wish everybody the best of health when they take the field. There are a lot of things you can’t control. It was really a bummer for me when I missed that season. I’ve spoken to Peyton several times and I know how disappointed he is to miss a season, but if anybody will get back, it will be him.”