Scar talks about his blockers

INDIANAPOLIS -- Offensive line coach Dante Scarnecchia, who prefers to avoid the media spotlight, comments on some of his linemen during today's "Media Day" festivities:

On Dan Connolly

“He’s a very talented guy, a really gifted athlete. He just came from a very small school. However it was, wherever it was he had been before, it didn’t work out very well. But he came in here and spent his time on the practice field, did everything he was supposed to do. He improved himself as a player and he’s a very good center. The first thing I noticed was his athleticism."

On Logan Mankins

"I think he had a great year, he picked right back up where he left off last year. I think he’s had a really exceptional year, very consistent, great effort throughout, has taken on the leadership role. He’s an outstanding player, good person and pleasure to coach in many respects."

On Matt Light

"He plays a very tough position and he’s been a consistent player and leader on this football team for a long time. We’re all very glad that he did come back to us and he’s had a nice year."

On Nate Solder

“He’s gone through the usual rookie tough times and his bad times weren’t even remotely close to Matt Light’s bad times. But he’s a gifted athlete, a very smart guy and very tough. Thank God we took him when you think about it. We didn’t have [Matt] Light at the time. All of the sudden we get some injuries at tackle with Sebastian [Vollmer] and here’s this guy you have to start and play against really good players. The fact that he’s playing tight end and tackle on either side, to his credit how could you want any more out of a young kid than we have this year?"

On Marcus Cannon

"Well we all hoped for the best in Week 6 when he was going to be able to come back. I think what really hurt him the most was not being in training camp and the OTA’s among other things. Let alone, the illness that he had and to come back when he did. He’s behind, he’s truly behind. But he’s a wonderful kid with a great upside and again, another tough and smart guy that we’re very pleased to have."