Bruschi: Gronk doesn't need to practice

ESPN NFL analyst Tedy Bruschi says Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski walking without a boot at media day is a great sign. Bruschi, appearing on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, also talks about the last Patriots-Giants Super Bowl.

On Gronk's injury and game status: "He's young. ... The younger you are, the quicker you heal. So is it possible that he could play? Yes."

Would Gronk have to practice to be an important part of the game plan? I don't think so. Maybe something later in the week, maybe a walk-through, you'd hope to get him out there. But at this point in the season he's been such a big part of the offense and he's comfortable in it ... maybe if it's a game-time decision and he goes out there and gets a little workout in. As much time as he can possibly have to rest, I think that's what they'll give him in hopes that he can be a contributor on game day.

If Gronk doesn't play?: That changes the game plan dramatically, in my opinion, because he's such a big part of the run game and the passing game. ... This is a perplexing injury that could give them problems if he's not healthy.

How much is Tom Brady's motivation based on revenge? This week, I think he's going to suppress it as best he can. ... That team was special. ... We were trying to accomplish something, being 19-0, make history, and when you fail -- we failed doing that -- that team ended up being 18-1, and that team will always be 18-1. The Patriots could win, they could lose this Super Bowl, it's not going to change [the past]. So it's not going to make anyone on that team that experienced that loss feel any better, because 19-0 just wasn't achieved.