Belichick on Brady; Brady on Belichick

In the video above, Sunday NFL Countdown went one-on-one in separate interviews with Bill Belichick and Tom Brady, the combo that can enhance its legacy with its fourth Super Bowl title today.

* Belichick on Brady: "Some of the things that he sees, that he can do, are exceptional. That gives you the ability as a coach to be more creative. He can recognize things. he can anticipiate things, manage the clock, manage personnel, down and distance, formations. There are a lot of moving parts going on at the same time, but he's able to sort them all out, put them together and do the right thing for the team."

* Brady on Belichick: "I've experienced a lot with him over the years. He's been the only coach I've had in the pros. I've been very fortunate to play for coach Belichick. His attention to detail, the way he gets the team ready each week to play is second to none. He has high expectations for us. He treats me look a rookie. You want to say 'Go screw yourself' but you cant because he's your coach and you say 'You know what, he's right.'"

* Belichick on Brady: "He's a hard guy to coach because he's so well prepared. He's seen all the tape, he's studied the film. You can't B.S. your way through a meeting with Tom Brady, not about football."