Tebow coming to AFC East

In an offseason that continues to produce notable headlines on a daily basis, here is one of the latest: Tim Tebow is coming to the New York Jets. The Jets announced today that they have acquired Tebow.

That means the Patriots, when facing the Jets twice a year, will be preparing for a combination of Mark Sanchez and Tebow.

A significant development? Or no big deal?

Tebow sparks such passion that I would imagine responses will be across the board. My initial reaction is that it can't hurt for the Jets to make this move.

Sanchez himself doesn't inspire much confidence. But throw in Tebow, and how defenses will require in-game adjustments while also devoting preparation time for an "offense within the offense," and it can't simply be overlooked.

First-year Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano had some early success in Miami with the Wildcat, but it fizzled when defenses caught up to it and there wasn't enough of a threat of the passing game.

It will be intriguing to see if Tebow, who at times can be a passing threat, can bring it back to life. The Jets are one of the toughest defenses in the NFL to prepare for, and now the offense adds another layer.

There is one other element in play that should be noted: Could Tebow's presence turn into the type of distraction/circus that affects the Jets' ability to win games, while creating a more difficult situation for Sanchez?

But from a pure football standpoint, I don't see much downside for the Jets.