Stallworth talks of his return

On the day the Patriots and veteran receiver Donte Stallworth agreed on a one-year contract, Stallworth tweeted, “This time around, things will be different.”

What did he mean by that?

Stallworth, who played for the Patriots in 2007 but then signed with the Browns the following season when New England didn’t pick up an expensive option, answered that question this week on ESPNBoston Radio.

“At that time of my career, I was still learning,” Stallworth said. “I actually thought I knew what it meant to be the best, but once I left there is when I really understood how to take care of your body and how to eat right -– just the way they prepare in the Patriots organization.

“I was in my [sixth] year that season, but I was one of the younger guys. That’s pretty rare in this league. You don’t get that much. Usually the sixth-year guys are one of your top veterans, so I was able to learn and just watch all those guys and learn from them. That was huge for me.”

Stallworth has been working out with Wes Welker over the last few weeks.

“I think he’s getting shorter, so you guys may have to revise the roster,” he cracked. “He may be like 5-foot-4 now, so you may want to check that out.”

A few other soundbites from the interview:

On the Redskins: “I had a lot of interest in going back to Washington as well. They are obviously one of the best organizations in this league. They want to win and I think they’re headed in the right direction. I felt comfortable there, and felt comfortable going back and being a part of that. But obviously they signed a couple guys, so that kind of hampered things a little bit with me going back that way.”

On the interest he received in free agency: “I knew I wasn't going to be in the first wave of guys throughout the process, but the second and third wave, with my situation, just trying to get there that I could have a good opportunity. Lucky for me, it ended up being back here in New England.”

On if he’s spoken with Tom Brady: “I’ve emailed him. We’ve always kept in touch, even before I played with the Patriots. So that didn’t stop. He was just saying how he’s excited to be able to get started back with this season, and glad to have me back a part of it. Whenever we can get started, I’m ready to go. I’m excited.”

To listen to the interview, CLICK HERE.

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