Belichick: Don't rule out another WR

PALM BEACH, Fla. -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick has loaded up at wide receiver this offseason, signing Brandon Lloyd, Donte' Stallworth and Anthony Gonzalez, while re-signing Deion Branch and restructuring the contract of Chad Ochocinco.

There are 10 receivers currently on the roster, but Belichick might not be done yet.

"You always try to have competition at every position. We’ve always had about that many receivers going to camp -- 10, 11, somewhere in there -- [and] we’ll see what the roster limit ends up being this year," he said Tuesday morning at the AFC coaches breakfast.

"There are some guys that I'm sure will be at that position that aren’t even on our team right now, that we’re not even talking about. It’s just a process.

"We’re a long [way] from ... we really re-signed a couple of guys at the beginning of March, but we’re not even a month into the whole offseason team-building process. We have March. We have April. We have June. July. Training camp will start at the end of July. It’s a long process. We’ll see how it all comes together."

Last week, ESPNBoston.com listed a projected depth chart at the position.

As Belichick noted, it should be a good competition, with more layers possibly added to the mix.