Brockers in town at Gillette

Louisiana State defensive lineman Michael Brockers, one of the top prospects at his position in this year's NFL draft, was spotted on the grounds of Patriot Place and Gillette Stadium over the last 24 hours.

Brockers was presumably taking a pre-draft visit to the Patriots.

The team's interest in Brockers wouldn't be a surprise as he has been described by some analysts as a potential "Richard Seymour-type of player." Since trading Seymour prior to the 2009 season, the Patriots haven't decisively filled Seymour's void at right end.

Brockers, who said he measured 6-foot-5 and weighed 322 pounds at the combine in February, is described by the Pro Football Weekly draft guide as a "big, strong, instinctive, versatile raw talent with tremendous upside. Can be molded into an elite anchor and has the length and power highly desired as an edge setter in a 3-4 front."

Based on the opinion of media draft analysts, it's unlikely that Brockers will be on the board when the Patriots are scheduled to pick at No. 27. But the Patriots have historically moved all over the draft board via trades.

Pre-draft visits are often used as a final check-in with a prospect. At the least, it indicates that the team still has a level of interest in the prospect this close to the draft and is seeking some final information (e.g. medical, film review).