Kraft comments on Welker

Patriots owner Robert Kraft commented on Wes Welker's contract situation in an interview with ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter (video above) and Kim Jones of the NFL Network.

“We’d like him to be a Patriot for life," Kraft told Schefter from the NFL meetings in Atlanta. "To do that requires both sides to bend and do what they have to do. We understand the cap and how much room we have there and how we value the position. He has people representing him that want to get the last dollar. I would love him to finish his career with us, but it takes two sides to get that done.”

In the interview with the NFL Network, Kraft called Welker "a special guy" and added "both sides would like to do a deal, but it requires intelligence and putting our team first."

Kraft also was asked about a report that the team was upset with Welker taking the negotiations public.

"Anyone can say whatever they want," Kraft told Jones. "He’s done a great job for us, we’re always trying to do whatever we can do to put our team in the best position to win, that means balancing a lot of things, understanding what the cap is, what the cap growth is, how things fit in the system and we try to have values for every position and every player."