Like Warner, Brady's dad cautious

Former Super Bowl-winning quarterback and current NFL Network analyst Kurt Warner recently said during a radio interview that he would prefer for his sons not to play football given the risk of injuries that have come into focus in recent years.

Warner’s remarks were met by criticism from some, but the father of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady recently told Yahoo! Sports’ Mike Silver that he "would be very hesitant" to allow his son play to football if met with the decision again today.

Tom Brady Sr. notes the amount of information that we now have regarding the health risks involved with football, particularly relating to head and brain injuries, which have been a hot-button issue in light of multiple suicides by former NFL players, including Dave Duerson and most recently Junior Seau, who finished his career with the Patriots.

Tom Jr. was not allowed to play football until he was 14, which his dad states stemmed from his not being physically developed enough.

Despite his son never suffering a documented concussion as a member of the Patriots, the elder Brady remains concerned over the potential long-term effects of head trauma his son could deal with later in life.

"That never goes away. The answer is yes, I'm concerned. He claims that he's only been dinged once or twice, but I don't know how forthright he's being,” Brady Sr. said. “He's not going to tell us, as his parents, anything negative that's going on. I wouldn't be shocked that he would hide that."

In the end, Tom Brady Sr. admits that despite his concerns, he likely would allow his son to play football if faced with the same dilemma he met 20 years ago.

"If he were 14 now, and he really wanted to play, in all likelihood I would let him. But it would not be an easy decision at all," he said.