'Fan experience' suggestions for Pats

Sparked by a note in this morning's blog post about commissioner Roger Goodell and the hope for WiFi improvements in the NFL's 31 stadiums, some readers and commenters on the blog have offered some suggestions to the Patriots on how their fan experience at Gillette Stadium would be improved.

A sampling:

1. Upgrades in restrooms to follow the game. "I would request a few television monitors and game audio in the washrooms. I learned from my first game to curtail beverage consumption after taking your seat. I would think the added concession revenue would easily offset the costs."

2. More WiFi/monitors in parking area. "The parking area should be accessible to this WiFi service as well. During the tailgating parties, when the Patriots are playing the late games, many of us are interested in following the other games, and our fantasy players as well. ... A great addition to the lots would be a few of those large electronic billboards strategically placed throughout. They could show game updates, Patriot profiles and their highlights, Patriot trivia questions, and naturally -- tons of advertisements."

3. More out-of-town scores shown on scoreboard. "There are no scoreboards anywhere in the facility showing Sunday’s games, which makes Gillette one of the only stadiums in the NFL minus this feature ... There are a few times each game that scores are flashed on the Jumbotron, but those scores are usually never in real time, and they’re done so infrequently over the course of the three-plus hours of a normal game. Even the Red Zone highlights are not a satisfying feature since they too are done once or twice during the game. It would be great if those scores were updates in real time on the scoreboard."