Leftovers from Bill Belichick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Leftovers from Bill Belichick’s news conference Wednesday at Patriots mandatory minicamp:

1. Practicing outside in rainy conditions. Despite rain in the region, Belichick has the team working outside. “Rain, wind, hot, we’ve had a little bit of everything this spring, so it’s been good,” Belichick said. “Sooner or later, we’ll play in those conditions. This is where we live, this is where we play, so whatever we get we’ll deal with it.” As a point of comparison, as noted by ESPN.com AFC East reporter James Walker, the Jets worked inside on Tuesday because of rain.

2. Wrapping up this part of offseason with situations. Belichick explained that this section of the offseason, with organized team activities and minicamp, is coming to an end with a focus on situational work – red zone, goal-line, third down, two-minute and no-huddle. Belichick stressed this is a teaching time, with the real evaluation coming in training camp.

3. Silvestro has played tight end before. Asked about defensive lineman Alex Silvestro moving to tight end, Belichick explained that Silvestro played the position in high school and was a scout-team tight end for the team in 2011 while on the practice squad. With the Patriots having a run of injuries at tight end, it made sense to make the switch – for now. “He’ll still work on defense, and offense, and we’ll see how it goes. That’s what this spring is for, to evaluate that,” he said.

4. Thoughts on Addai. Belichick shared his thoughts on veteran running back Joseph Addai, who has been with the club for a month. “He’s obviously been in a lot of big games, been in a system that has had some multiples in terms of changing plays and [audibles] and things like that. I think our system is different from probably any other system, maybe because of our players or our coaches or the way it’s formulated, so it’s an adjustment for any new player or coach … Joe has worked hard at it. He’s a very conscientious guy that wants to get it right. I respect that.”