Hernandez the punt returner?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Aaron Hernandez said Friday that he doesn't consider himself just a tight end. He views himself as a tight end that can also do different things.

One such thing was on display Friday in the team's second training camp practice when he was back as a punt returner.

“I love being able to have the ball in my hands and make plays. That’s another opportunity," he said of his work as a returner, which he hadn't done since his high school days in Connecticut.

"Hopefully I get another opportunity to be back there, but Julian Edelman does a great job. We have other people like Wes [Welker] to step in. I just love football and love making plays. If they put me back there, hopefully I can do something.”

On one attempt, Hernandez waved his hand in the air for a fair catch.

“I kind of misjudged it," he said, before adding: "I’m not a fan of fair catches.”

In addition to Hernandez, the team's other punt returners were Edelman, Welker and Deion Branch.