Brady's history in preseason finale

The Patriots visit the Giants in the preseason finale on Wednesday, marking the eighth straight year they've met in the final game of the preseason. One question of interest: How much, if at all, will Tom Brady play?

Here is a look back at Brady's history in the preseason finale since he became a starter (2002-present):

2002: Starts, 3 series, 7 of 10 for 59 yards

2003: Starts, 2 series, 8 of 10 for 63 yards, TD

2004: Doesn't play (Rohan Davey starts)

2005: Doesn't play (Doug Flutie starts)

2006: Doesn't play (Matt Cassel starts)

2007: Doesn't play (Matt Cassel starts)

2008: Doesn't play (Matt Cassel starts)

2009: Doesn't play (Brian Hoyer starts)

2010: Starts, 2 series, 4 of 8 for 51 yards, TD, INT

2011: Starts, 4 series*, 5 of 9 for 116 yards

* First series consisted of one play, with ball at Giants' 1-yard line after turnover