Should Brady go to bat for Welker?

ESPN debate show First Take took up an interesting topic today: Should Tom Brady speak up for Wes Welker about his favorite target's playing time? Here are the takes from hosts Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless:

Stephen A.: "All Tom Brady does is take the position that is favorable in the eyes of Bill Belcihick and Bob Kraft. What about your teammates, Tom Brady? What about those guys who ride and die with you? Wes Welker is one of those dudes."

Bayless: "Do you think maybe behind closed doors Brady isn't campaigning for Wes Welker? The organization you're taking about here is different. What goes on behind closed doors with the New England Patriots stays behind closed doors. They are as tight lipped a bunch, as media protected a bunch as there is in all of sports."

What do you think? Should Brady go to bat for Welker publicly if he thinks the receiver should get more playing time?