Updating base vs. sub defense stats

As part of monitoring a growing trend in recent years for the Patriots -- the defense playing more in space in sub packages (5 or more defensive backs) -- let's update the numbers after Sunday's win over the Bills:

vs. Bills

Sub: 58 of 71

Base: 13 of 71

Short-yardage: 0 of 71

vs. Ravens

Base: 37 of 73

Sub: 36 of 73

Short-yardage: 0 of 73

vs. Cardinals

Sub: 30 of 64

Base: 29 of 64

Short-yardage: 5 of 64

vs. Titans

Sub: 42 of 65

Base: 21 of 65

Short-yardage: 2 of 65

That puts the four-game total at 60.8 percent in sub packages. Cornerback Sterling Moore has been the team's fifth defensive back the last three games and his playing time has been on the rise.

On Sunday, the Patriots played some base defense against the Bills' spread packages early, before setting into either a nickel or dime.