Chandler Jones and 'Rookie Watch'

In his most recent edition of "Rookie Watch," Matt Williamson of ESPN.com's Scouts Inc. draws comparisons between Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones and Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul.

Williamson adds that while Jones does not have quite the same physical gifts as Pierre-Paul (many would argue that no defensive player does), he says the 22-year old isn't far off.

"Jones is close because of his incredibly long frame and arms, smooth movement skills and the natural strength to anchor or bull rush against bigger men. He has been extremely impressive thus far as a pass-rusher and against the run -- and he has yet to develop a wide array of pass-rush moves."

Despite totaling his third sack of the season in Week 4, Jones actually dropped in Williamson's weekly rankings from third to sixth, but remains the highest rated defensive rookie. Jones trails Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, Browns running back Trent Richardson, Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, and Bills left tackle Cordy Glenn.

Fellow Patriots first-round pick Dont'a Hightower, who recorded his first sack during Week 4, was mentioned amongst Williamson's other notable rookies.

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