Williamson: Pats have NFL's best offense

In an Insider piece posted on ESPN.com, Matt Williamson makes a case for why he thinks the Patriots have the best offense in football. Among his key points:

* Last year, the Patriots didn't have the vertical threat that Brandon Lloyd provides, but they also didn't utilize a running back with Stevan Ridley's excellent skill set.

* Of course the Patriots can finesse a defense to death with their precision passing game and multiple formations and personnel groupings, but few realize that this is an extremely physical offense as well. Their offensive line has size, is well-coached and very tough minded. But if the defense has smaller, fast personnel in the game, do you think those defensive backs are excited about taking on New England's tight ends, namely Rob Gronkowski, in the run game?

* As impressive as the Pats' stable of running backs is, the key is the manipulation of personnel and Tom Brady's willingness to always take what the defense concedes.