Brady & shotgun tracker, Week 5

With the Patriots working hard to generate more balance on offense this season, the result has been fewer shotgun snaps.

"We’ve been in it less," coach Bill Belichick acknowledged last week. "It varies a little bit from game to game. Regardless of whether you’re under center or not under center, you still have to have balance and do multiple things. I don’t think you can just do one thing in this league very long, from anything."

With this in mind, we'll continue to monitor the trend of quarterback Tom Brady and the shotgun snap, updating the numbers after last Sunday's win over the Broncos:

Usage of the shotgun

vs. Broncos: 45 of 94 (7 runs, 37 passes, 1 false start)

at Bills: 30 of 77 (6 runs, 24 passes)

at Ravens: 41 of 82 (6 runs, 34 passes, 1 fumbled snap)

vs. Cardinals: 47 of 82 (9 runs, 38 passes)

at Titans: 13 of 67 (0 runs, 13 passes)

On the season, when including penalties, the Patriots have been in the shotgun 43.7 percent of the time (176 of 402).