3 up, 3 down for Patriots

SEATTLE, Wash. -- At an initial glance, a look at three players whose performance caught the eye, and three players at the opposite end of the spectrum:


Brandon Spikes -- Linebacker has a tone-setting game with a few big hits (third-down stop in the first quarter).

Wes Welker -- How tough is this guy? Stats, which are impressive, don't even do it justice.

Danny Woodhead -- On the week that Kevin Faulk officially retired, Woodhead turns in his second straight Faulk-like performance.


Kyle Arrington -- Starting right cornerback is replaced on the third series of the game after struggles in coverage.

Stevan Ridley -- Running back drops a first-quarter pass and is bottled up in the limited opportunities he gets as a rusher.

Bill Belichick/Tom Brady/game management -- Decision to try another offensive play with 6 seconds remaining in the second quarter backfires as Brady is flagged for intentional grounding with a throw-away in the back of the end zone. It costs the team three points. Overall, Brady is more sloppy with the ball than the norm. In the fourth quarter on defense, the Patriots had to burn their final timeout because they had 12 men on the field.