Bills' Johnson talks Gronk, TD celebrations

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – In terms of touchdown celebrations, two of the best in recent memory were delivered by Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Bills receiver Stevie Johnson.

Two weeks ago in London, Gronkowski’s “nutcracker dude” celebration-and-spike – meant to replicate a Buckingham Palace guard – was off the charts.

Two years ago in New England, Johnson pretended he was one of the Minutemen that fires a musket after a Patriots touchdown, as he fell to the ground after "firing" a musket.

Both get points for creativity, and also for keeping things on the lighter side (Johnson’s wallet also was a little lighter after a $10,000 fine).

Johnson, a conference call with Patriots reporters today, was asked if he has anything similar planned for Sunday’s game at New England.

“That wasn’t even planned,” the personable Johnson relayed. “That happened in the middle of the game. The Patriots scored and a musket went off, and it scared me on the sideline. I was like ‘OK, I got something for them.’”

Yet this time around, Johnson said that he doesn’t have anything planned.

“All those gun days are over with Stevie Johnson,” he said playfully. “I just want to get in the end zone and keep my team ahead, that’s pretty much it. Whatever happens is going to happen, but I don’t have anything planned.”

As for Gronkowski, Johnson relayed that he missed the “nutcracker dude” celebration. But as someone who has come up with his own creative celebrations, he also appreciates another man’s work – especially when it is themed to a specific location.

“I like that dude Gronkowski, he’s good,” Johnson said lightly when informed of the celebration. “It was well worth doing, being in London.”

EXTRA POINT: Johnson, who has a thigh bruise, was held out of practice Wednesday but said he expects to be back Thursday and then play in the game.