Bruschi's Breakdown on 49ers-Patriots

Colin Kaepernick leads the 9-3-1 49ers into Foxborough to face the 10-3 Patriots. AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Every week before the Patriots play a game, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss dissect the action as part of "Bruschi's Breakdown." This week's breakdown is posted for a Sunday night matchup against the 49ers.

Bruschi starts off by discussing whether the long trip will affect the 49ers:

"I think it is a factor and all coaches know it is, going 3,000 miles coast to coast to play a football game. A few years back, in 2008, we had back-to-back West Coast games and Bill Belichick had us stay over the entire week because of how taxing it can be. You're dealing with a time change and jet lag, and then you have to go play a football game. The older you are, sometimes it hurts you more, because your recuperation process isn't as good as when you were in the early- to mid-20s."

And here's Tedy's take on San Francisco's quarterback controversy:

"I initially said that I thought it should be Alex Smith. But once you say it's Colin Kaepernick, that's where it is and that's where it has to be. One thing you can't do is have a revolving door at quarterback. I've always said one of the most important relationships within a football team is quarterback/head coach. I think Kaepernick can be a better quarterback down the line. Right now? Yes, he's more athletic and he can have bigger runs, and has put up good numbers. But Alex Smith has the experience, which can be vital. Harbaugh has made the choice and Kaepernick is his guy, that's who he is going with, and a lot of players on that team have rallied around Kaepernick. You can't go back now."

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