Report: Leavy to ref on Sunday

Veteran official Bill Leavy will serve as the referee this Sunday for the AFC Championship, according to a reports from FootballZebras.com and from Jim Daopoulus.

Leavy has 18 years of experience as an NFL official, which includes work in a Super Bowl. He will be joined by a crew of top-rated officials from the regular season: umpire Chad Brown, head linesman Tony Veteri, line judge Jeff Seeman, side judge Doug Rosenbaum, field judge Scott Steenson, and back judge Perry Paganelli.

Leavy, a retired firefighter, has not previously worked a conference championship game, but has 14 games of postseason experience during his career. He was the referee for the Patriots' game against the Bills in Week 10 of this season, during which 21 penalties were called, including seven on the Patriots. He did not work a Ravens game this season.

During the regular season, Baltimore was the second-most penalized team in the NFL, with 121 called against them, including a league high 1,127 penalty yards. The Patriots were penalized just 97 times for 840 yards.