Examining Lewis' impact vs. Brady

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Future Hall of Famers Tom Brady and Ray Lewis will face off for the final time on Sunday.

Lewis is hoping to keep his NFL career alive with a win at New England. But Lewis has not had a huge impact against Brady in his career.

Of the starting quarterbacks Lewis has faced at least five times in the regular season and at least once in the postseason, Brady is the only one against whom he has zero interceptions and one or fewer sacks (according to the Elias Sports Bureau).

Lewis’ lone career sack against Brady came in the 2009 wild-card playoffs, when the Ravens won 33-14.

Lewis is 2-5 in his career against Brady. His team’s only other win was a 31-30 victory in Week 3 of this season.

Lewis also has no career fumbles forced or recovered against Brady and the Patriots.

* Brady vs. Ravens: Brady has a 63.1 Total QBR against the Ravens since 2008 including the playoffs, his second-worst QBR against any opponent of the 11 teams against which he has at least 75 action plays. Only his QBR against the Jets (59.5) is worse.

Brady has thrown an interception once every 33 drop backs against the Ravens since 2008, including the playoffs. That’s the highest interception percentage during that span of the seven quarterbacks with at least 100 dropbacks against the Ravens.

However, Brady’s QBR is still better than most against the Ravens. Brady ranks fourth of the 26 quarterbacks with at least 50 action plays against the Ravens since 2008. Only Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning have been better.

Despite a 53.7 QBR in his previous four games against the Ravens, Brady had an 86.0 QBR against them in Week 3, the highest by any QB with at least 10 action plays against the Ravens this season.

* Lewis' recent impact: Lewis is certainly still an impact player, but the Ravens' defense was actually better in some regards during the 2012 regular season without Lewis. With him on the field, the Ravens allowed 5.5 yards per play and sacked the opposing quarterback fewer than once every 20 drop backs. With Lewis off the field, they allowed 5.0 yards per play and got a sack about once every 14 drop backs.

* Brady vs. added pressure: Brady has been great against five or more pass-rushers this season. His 85.6 Total QBR against added pressure ranked second in the league behind Robert Griffin III. On those plays, Brady has thrown for 22 touchdowns and no interceptions. He’s been sacked seven times on 195 action plays.

When Brady faced the Ravens in Week 3, he was 13 of 17 for 118 yards against added pressure. He was sacked twice and was hit or under duress on one other play.

Brady’s 73.8 QBR against five or more Ravens pass-rushers is third-highest this season behind Matt Schaub and Peyton Manning.

Perhaps the Ravens should avoid blitzing Brady, since he has been so successful against added pressure? Not quite. Brady’s 94.9 QBR against four or fewer Ravens pass-rushers is the highest by any QB against the Ravens this season.