Bruschi: Time for Gronk to settle down

Analyst Tedy Bruschi was at ESPN studios in Bristol, Conn., on Monday, appearing on "NFL Live", among other programs. At one point, the topic of discussion turned to Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.

"If I was on that team, I'd talk to him. I'd pull him aside," Bruschi said. "You have a cast on your arm, you've had it surgically repaired twice, and you're out there on stage 'DDT-ing' guys; it's some wrestling move we used to do when we were in high school. You can't do it."

Bruschi added that Gronkowski is now entering his fourth season with the Patriots, and he's entering a point in his career where others are looking to him from a leadership perspective. On top of that, he's potentially putting himself at risk injury-wise.

"You've got to grow out of it now," Bruschi said. "What if you break your arm again?"