Patriots & their 5 draft picks

In his "Monday Morning Quarterback" piece on SI.com, Peter King asks the question, "Could the San Francisco 49ers be turning into the New England Patriots West?" King then explains why the question is being asked, as the 49ers have a league-high 11 picks in the 2013 draft (King projects 3 additional compensatory picks to be added to up the total to 14).

This is the type of draft capital that the Patriots usually have, although this year is different in New England with the team entering the draft with just five selections (the possibility of compensatory picks, likely to announced in March, could increase the total).

With this in mind, here is a look at each team in the NFL and the number of draft picks they currently own, highlighting how the Patriots rank close to the bottom:


San Francisco (Acquired 3rd from CAR, 5th from IND, 6th from MIA, 7th from CIN)


Miami: (Acquired 2nd from IND, 3rd from CHI, 7th from DAL, traded 6th to SF)

Minnesota: (Acquired 4th from DET, 6th from TEN)


Cincinnati: (Acquired a 2nd from Oakland, 6th from NE, traded 7th to SF)

Philadelphia: (Acquired 7th from IND)

Seattle: (Acquired 7th from BUF)

St. Louis: (Acquired 1st from WAS)


Arizona: (Own)

Atlanta: (Own)

Baltimore: (Own)

Denver: (Own)

Green Bay: (Own)

Houston: (Own)

Jacksonville: (Own)

Kansas City: (Own)

New York Giants: (Own)

New York Jets: (Own)

Pittsburgh: (Own)

San Diego: (Own)

Tampa Bay: (Acquired 4th from NE, traded 7th to NE)

Washington: (Traded first to STL, acquired 5th from NE)


Buffalo: (Traded 7th to Seattle)

Carolina: (Traded 3rd to SF)

Chicago: (Traded 3rd to MIA)

Cleveland: (Used 2nd rounder in supplemental draft)

Dallas: (Traded 7th to MIA)

Detroit: (Traded 4th to MIN)

New Orleans: (Forfeited 2nd -- "Bountygate")

Oakland: (Traded 2nd to CIN)

Tennessee: (Traded 6th to MIN)


New England: (Traded 4th to TB, 5th to WAS, 6th to CIN, acquired 7th from TB)


Indianapolis: (Traded 2nd to Miami, 5th to SF, 7th to PHI)