Pats draft special: End for Brady/Belichick?

In this clip from our annual Patriots Draft Special, Mike Reiss, Tedy Bruschi and Trevor Matich discuss how much longer Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be together in New England. Here's one highlight:

Reiss: Talking about Brady’s contract extension “If you asked Tom Brady honestly how long do you want to play, he’d say to that point, plus. I think he wants to even play beyond that. Of course the question is can he play beyond that? One thing I’d say that BB has said over the years that resonated with me is when you get to that point in your career the end can come quickly. It drops off fast … we haven’t seen that, but we have to be aware that that’s the case.”

Bruschi (laughing), responds to Reiss’ comment about it dropping off quickly.

Bruschi: “It does drop off quickly (laughter), yes. It’s a matter of one day you’re in training camp ... in my case you’re looking at yourself on film ... I remember watching a splicing of film when we were running a defense in training camp in 2009 and it was similar to what we were running in 2004, and it was spliced in ... You’d see the 54 of 2009 and then the 54 of 2004 and you’d say, ‘man, that guy’s good’ and then, ‘man, that guy’s slow.’

To hear more from the panel, watch the video above.