Kraft: Draft more about building depth

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Patriots owner Robert Kraft shared insight tonight on how the team views the 2013 NFL Draft.

“Everyone who is knowledgeable about this draft, it’s not a draft that people consider real deep,” Kraft told reporters at the team’s annual draft party at Gillette Stadium.

That doesn’t mean the Patriots can’t hit on some talented players – Kraft highlighted how quarterback Tom Brady was the 199th overall pick in 2000 – but Kraft tempered expectations.

“It’s going to be very hard for someone who gets drafted to come in and start on our team. You never know … maybe there are 2-3 players who have an opportunity to do that,” he said. “The NFL is a business about quality depth management; I’ve been saying that since the beginning. If you want to be successful year in and year out in this business, you have to have depth and you have to have a plan. It doesn’t happen by remote control.”

Kraft added that while the draft isn’t deep, he’s sure the Patriots will be better by the time the draft ends on Saturday.

“I don’t want to win the [public relations] battles today; [it’s] whatever works to make our team better,” he said. “We have a plan what to do, and whom to pick. At the same time, given what comes our way, we’re prepared. …

“This is a big part of it, but a big part of it also comes when the draft is over and homework we’ve done on all the players that are eligible, street free agents we’ll get. There is an area where there’s tremendous value and probably people could make our team in various roles.”