Latest on Gronk? Now, we wait ...

ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Reiss called into “SportsCenter” on Tuesday morning to discuss where we go from here after Ron Gronkowski’s fourth surgery on his forearm.

While it’s a “less than ideal situation,” according to Reiss, there was initial optimism that the infection in the area was cleared up (final results won’t be available for a week or so).

Gronk could also be facing back surgery as well, though a final decision on that won’t be made for 3-4 weeks.

* Best-case scenario: Back surgery won’t be necessary and Gronk will be back in about 10 weeks.

* Worst-case scenario: Doctors find the infection in the forearm has not cleared up and he needs another surgery. Either that, or a potential back surgery, could put him in jeopardy of starting the season on time.