Amendola developing a rapport with Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola got a head start on his work with quarterback Tom Brady this offseason, as the two convened in Southern California to take part in workouts at USC.

They're back at it in a more formal setting now, as the second day of OTAs took place on Tuesday and the media was allowed to watch the roughly-90-minute session.

It didn't take long for Amendola to recognize the type of talent he was working with when catching balls from Brady.

"Absolutely, yeah. I said it today, he darted me in the chest with one ball and inside my head I was like 'wow, this guy can really wing it,'" he said following Tuesday's practice. "That's why he's Tom Brady."

Amendola will be counted on to play a big role in a new-look Patriots wide receiver corps, and he said that working with Brady was an important opportunity as they continue to develop a rapport.

"Any time you get a job and you get to work with each other is good," he said. "We're getting a lot of good work in right now, that's most important."

One of the advantages that Amendola has over other free agents is his familiarity with the offensive system, as he played under offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels in 2011 while the two were with the Rams.

"It's familiar," he said of his Patriots playbook. "When Josh was in St. Louis I got to know it pretty good. It's a little more intricate out here and it's something to grasp. I'm learning every day."

He stressed the importance of using OTAs to develop a further understanding of the vocabulary and concepts of the playbook.

"It's the verbiage, it's everything," he said. "That's the most important thing, the vocabulary of the offense, and I'm learning day in and day out, and studying at night and everything. It's a process; [it's the] second day, so I'm looking forward to next practice."

Some have been quick to compare Amendola to Wes Welker, the departed slot receiver whose role may fall into the lap of Amendola. And while that could turn out to be the case, Amendola said he isn't spending any time worrying about how he compares to Welker.

"That's not something I need to worry about," he said. "I'm worried about the playbook and getting the routes down and getting on the same page as my teammates. The good thing is I don't have to worry about that stuff."