Faulk's post-career plans: Teacher & coach

Had a nice chat today with former Patriots running back Kevin Faulk for a work-related project, and it sounds like he is transitioning well to his post-playing career.

His plans are to teach and coach at his alma mater, Carencro (La.) High School. He was on a break today from his work as a substitute teacher and is in the process of earning his certification to become a full-time teacher.

“I always wanted to coach my old high school football team," Faulk said. "I love working with kids, seeing them develop in such a short period of time."

Faulk's development over 12 seasons with the Patriots was a feel-good story; after an uneven start, he worked himself into arguably the greatest change-of-pace in team history. His new career means he's planning to leave the New England region, his home away from home since 1999, which produces mixed feelings.

"A huge part of my life was up there; I learned a whole lot, how to be a man, a better football player, a better person," said Faulk, who will still maintain ties to New England. "I owe a lot to the area, but at the same time, I'm home now and I haven't been home for a long time. So that's been good."

Like other players, Faulk has found the post-playing transition challenging. He's tackling it head-on.

"I don’t think anything can prepare you for not playing any more; it's something you've done for a very long time in life," he said. "Hopefully some of the things you've done over the course of your career prepare you for what to do afterwards, to find something that excites you."

Along those lines, Faulk is prepared to launch the Kevin Faulk Foundation next week in Boston. Faulk said the foundation will support the balancing of education and sports in New England and Louisiana.

"It's something I always wanted to get started, but while I was in football I didn't have the time," he said. "Now I have the time to do the giving back part."