Vereen: 'O' motivated by '12 ending

Patriots running back Shane Vereen was a guest on SiriusXM NFL Radio’s “Movin’ the Chains” program on Monday afternoon. The interview began with Vereen talking about wearing a custom-made Boston Bruins jersey, as he is attending Game 3 of the Stanley Cup finals at the Garden tonight.

Soon enough, the discussion turned to the Patriots, with Vereen noting that members of the offense still have a sour taste with how last season ended.

“I think as an offense we felt like we slipped up, especially at the end of the season, the way the season ended. Going into OTAs, that was our focus,” Vereen said, referring to the AFC Championship Game when the Patriots were held scoreless in the second half. “There is still a lot we need to work on, there are a lot of new faces, it’s still a younger offense, and so we have a lot of jelling to do. But I think we’re on the right track.”

A few other soundbites from Vereen:

On the potential for more opportunities for him with Danny Woodhead’s departure. “Being able to play and contribute to the team is what I look forward to doing, being able to help the team win. You can’t replace Danny Woodhead, though. What I learned from him [can’t be measured]. I’ll be able to take that and it will help me become a better player. I wish him the best of luck in San Diego; I know he’s doing well. You can’t replace him, what he brought to the team, and what he brought to the running back room; his leadership was more than we could ask for.”

On Ryan Mallett. “Ryan’s doing well. He’s grasping the offense very well. He’s got arm strength like I’ve never seen. Ever. He uses that really well. He’s got tremendous leadership ability. He just needs his opportunity, I think.”

On Tim Tebow. “His talent speaks for itself. I’ve only had two practices with him, so I [don’t really] know him. But I’ve only heard good things about him as a player and a person off the field. I’m excited to see what he does.”