Where things stand on Hernandez

After a slow Sunday that offered no updates in the ongoing investigation into Aaron Hernandez’s connection to a homicide, ESPN’s Bob Holtzman check in from the player’s North Attleboro home on this morning’s SportsCenter (video above).

“We haven’t seen Aaron Hernandez at all since Friday,” Holtzman said. “Police still haven’t said what they were looking for or what they found during that 3½-hour search Saturday afternoon.

“The district attorney’s office has said if and when there is news in this case -- whether it be an arrest, and arrest warrant or some break – that they do plan to issue a statement and announce that publicly. At this point that has not happened.”

Sources told ABC News on Friday that authorities were expected to execute an arrest warrant at some point for Hernandez for obstruction of justice.

Why haven’t they issued that warrant?

“There are a couple of primary theories,” Holtzman said. “First of all … there is the possibility that Hernandez’s attorney, Michael Fee, have been working behind the scenes to figure out what the next step is, whether that is a surrender of Hernandez to come in to talk to police, or whether they can set up a meeting and Hernandez can share whatever it is he knows about what happened last Monday.”

Holtzman said there is also the possibility “that they may be trying to gather enough evidence to charge Hernandez with something far more serious than obstruction of justice.

“The bottom line is until someone says something, we simply don’t know what the next step is in the case.”