Talib's excitement hard to miss

PHILADELPHIA -- When rookie receiver Aaron Dobson beat triple coverage and reached up to catch the football at its highest point on a long bomb from quarterback Tom Brady, the most excited person on the practice field seemed to be Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib.

He raced up and down the sideline, his voice rising in celebration.

A few plays later, when fellow rookie receiver Kenbrell Thompkins made a long catch down the field against tight coverage, Talib was at it again.

The excitement stood out.

“It’s fun, man. It’s the NFL, man. You watch Tom Brady throw bombs. He’s on my team. Hey man, that’s fun,” Talib explained afterward. “The young wideouts out there making plays -- AD and KT, they’re downfield making plays on the ball, man. That’s fun.

“They get the crowd into it,” Talib added. “I’m part of the crowd. I’m a fan when I’m on that sideline, watching Tom. I’m a fan like everybody else.”

Talib’s excitement seemed to rub off on his teammates.

“He’s passionate. He’s very passionate,” safety Devin McCourty said of Talib. “I love that about him. We have different characters all throughout the secondary, each person brings their own uniqueness to it. As a group, I feel like we’re complete when we have everyone in there.”