Brady denies NFL Network report on WRs

On Sunday, NFL Network reported quarterback Tom Brady had reached out to both Brandon Lloyd and Deion Branch, former Patriot receivers who are currently out of work and free agents.

Speaking on the "Dennis & Callahan Show" on WEEI sports radio in Boston on Monday morning, Brady dismissed the notion that he's reached out to Lloyd and Branch.

"Yeah, I don't know where those, some of those reports come from," Brady said. "Obviously I have relationships with every guy that I've ever played with, certainly guys at the receiver position are some of my best friends and people that I spent the most time and I'm the closest with. But I don't make any personnel decisions, I don't -- I can't talk to coach Belichick about bringing players back. I've never been able to control personnel decisions, so that's -- I'm a player like everybody else.

"We have a scouting department and people that make those decisions and I'm one of the last people that are ever asked or told about what we're doing with players," he continued. "I kind of just mind my own business and try to play quarterback as best I can."

Brady's remarks echoed what he said after Sunday's victory.

"No, I haven’t talked to those guys in a while," he said. "I love both of them. They’re good friends and great teammates, but I haven’t talked to either of them in a while."

In his radio interview, Brady was also asked if he believes that head coach Bill Belichick has decided to ride things out with the current receiver group or to seek reinforcements from outside of the organization.

"Well I think -- the expectation is for us is to get better and improve and the guys that we have are the guys that we practiced with and played with the first three weeks," he replied.

"I mean look, we've -- no one thought Gronk would be out at this point, no one thought what happened with [Aaron] Hernandez would've happened, no one thought Danny [Amendola] would be down, no one thought Shane [Vereen] would be out. I mean, we've got -- there's kind of an unusual set of circumstances but that's where we're at and we're 3-0."