Gronk: No update on game status

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski was once again on the practice fields Wednesday morning as he continues his recovery from offseason back and forearm surgeries.

He addressed the media following practice, though he said nothing of note as it relates to his status for this Sunday's game.

"There really is no update," he said. "You know how we go. And I'm improving every week."

Asked whether he thought he could be ready to play this Sunday, Gronkowski offered, "I don't know. As of right now, we're just focusing day by day and tomorrow is another step forward and we've got to see.

"I'm taking everything day by day and today I went out to practice, went into meetings, did everything normal, so just day by day and improving every day."

Gronkowski reinforced that a big part of his recovery process is regaining the strength throughout his body that was lost as a result of the time off from working out.

"Yeah, definitely, and like I said before, that's part of the whole rehab process," he said of getting his strength back. "I mean, it's not just rehabbing your back and your arm. I took off my whole body for about a couple months, so you've got to get everything going again. All muscles firing again at all parts of your body."

The 24-year-old said his strength is improving, which is evidenced by his frame filling out. Though Gronkowski lost muscle mass, he said that he hasn't lost any weight throughout the process.

"I don't lose weight. I can look skinny and still be the same amount of weight," he said, before cracking. "It goes by skinny or looking jacked."

When asked whether he was back to the state of being jacked, Gronkowski quipped, "You guys tell me."