Closer look at Andre Carter's contract

On Wednesday, the New England Patriots officially announced the signing of veteran defensive end Andre Carter, who also played for the team in 2011.

Later Wednesday afternoon, Carter revealed that if the Patriots had not signed him, he would have opted for retirement over playing for a different team.

Here's a look at the one-year contract signed by Carter to rejoin his old club.

Terms: One year, $940,000

Notes: The contract doesn't include any guaranteed money or a signing bonus, though that isn't uncommon for a veteran player signed in the middle of the season. It does, however, include a minimum salary benefit, which means that while Carter's salary is $940,000, his cap hit is a much reduced rate (roughly $630,000). The minimum salary benefit was implemented in the collective bargaining agreement as a mechanism for veteran players making the minimum base salary for a player of their tenure to have equal leverage to players who are in just their first or second season. While teams have to pay these players more money in terms of salary, the cap charge doesn't adversely affect their salary cap more than a first or second-year player would.