Brady confident improvement will come

The New England Patriots have scored 27 or more points in each of the past three games, with their latest performance -- a 27-17 victory over the Dolphins on Sunday -- highlighted by a 24-point second half. That marked the highest-scoring half for the team this season.

Still, quarterback Tom Brady acknowledged in his weekly Monday interview with the "Dennis & Callahan Show" on WEEI sports radio in Boston that there's plenty of room for improvement, something he's confident will come.

"Our defense is playing great; offensively we can play a lot better," he said. "We've seen us in practice do things right, so that's the real positive, is that you know we're capable of it, it just hasn't really happened yet. At some point it's gonna -- I'm really confident that at some point we're going to be offensively the type of team that we think can be and that will really complement the way our defense is playing, and we can be the type of team that plays against the best teams and can compete against the best teams and go out there and win tough games."

Brady shook off an interception on his first throw of the game on Sunday to help lead four second-half scoring drives, including three touchdowns. He finished with 116 yards passing (plus a critical 8-yard scramble for a first down), an effort described more as efficient -- or perhaps good enough -- than high-octane.

The Patriots haven't coasted to many victories during their 6-2 start, but they've shown a knack for finding ways to win -- ugly, pretty or anything in between.

"We've done that all year. The most important thing is winning period, and there's different ways to do it," Brady said, recalling a contrast in phases of his career. "Probably over the first half of my career it was a lot of defensive football. We weren't great on offense. Situationally we were pretty good, but we found ways to win when we needed to. Probably the second half of my career was a lot of offensive football and putting up a lot of points and yards and defensively -- I'd say our offense was our strength."

With one more game left before the team's bye, Brady is hopeful to finish on a strong note before taking a weekend off from game action.

EXTRA POINT: Brady made it clear following the game that his right hand, which appeared to be swollen, was not an issue in any way for him. He reiterated that point on Monday morning. "I'm never going to get into how I feel and bumps and bruises, but I feel great. I feel great. For this time of year, I mean, I feel exceptional."