Patriots after bye under Belichick

Playing on "Monday Night Football" affords teams an extra day of preparation for their prime-time appearance.

The Patriots, who will play their lone Monday night game of the season in Week 11, have the benefit of more than just one extra day to prepare, as they're coming off of their bye week as well.

With 15 days to get ready for Carolina, one would expect the Patriots to be prepared for most of what the Panthers have to throw at them. Coach Bill Belichick always excels at having his team in a position to play come kickoff, especially with extra time on his side.

Below is a look at how the Patriots have fared under Belichick following a regular-season bye week:

2012: Defeated Bills 37-31

2011: Lost to Steelers 25-17

2010: Defeated Ravens 23-20 (overtime)

2009: Defeated Dolphins 27-17

2008: Defeated 49ers 30-21

2007: Defeated Bills 56-10

2006: Defeated Bills 28-6

2005: Defeated Bills 21-16

2004: Defeated Bills 31-17

2003: Defeated Cowboys 12-0

2002: Lost to Broncos 24-16

2001: Defeated Panthers 38-6

2000: Lost to Bills 16-13 (overtime)

Total: 10-3

Interestingly, Belichick has had 15 days to prepare for an opponent during the regular season just once before in his career. That took place in 2001 before playing the Panthers. The Patriots are hopeful for the same result with 15 days to prepare for Carolina this season.