Video: How they saw the controversial call

The non-call at the end of Monday night’s Patriots-Panthers game was a hot topic across all ESPN platforms on Tuesday morning. Check out the video above for a roundup of opinions on the play.

• ESPN Radio host Mike Greenberg: “If that isn’t pass interference, then nothing is pass interference.”

• ESPN Radio host Mike Golic: “I’m amazed how they judged that pass was uncatchable when basically Rob Gronkowski had no chance to try and go back to the ball.”

• MNF analyst Jon Gruden: “How is he supposed to catch it when the guy’s got his arms all over him carrying him out of the end zone?”

• ESPN NFL analyst Ray Lewis: “If you’re going to give a referee that ability to make that type of call, then you should be able to review that type of call to explain to us what the rule is.”

• ESPN NFL analyst Steve Young: “Because Gronk was kept from competing for the ball, that’s interference.”

• Former NFL coach Jimmy Johnson: “I think it was the right call. I didn’t think that he hindered him enough to where he wouldn’t be able to make the catch.”

• ESPN NFL analyst Trent Dilfer: “It’s a judgment call by a ref discounting the physical ability of Gronk to come back and make that play.”

• Former NFL defensive lineman Michael Strahan: “He couldn’t have caught that ball. It was picked off, first of all, it was really underthrown. ... If you wanted to throw a flag, he could have gone either way with it in my opinion.”

• ESPN NFL analyst and former receiver Cris Carter: “I thought that Gronk could have done a better job of acting. … For me, it’s the last play, and you know it’s the last play, I would have fallen on the ground [if I were in Gronkowski’s situation].”

• ESPN analyst and former Patriots LB Tedy Bruschi (on ESPN Radio): “Was that pas catchable or not? Was it possible for Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski to redirect and get back to the ball, in terms of where the contact started? I think he could have. I think it was possible for Gronkowski to plant, rotate and possibly get back to compete for the ball as the interceptor came and made a play on the ball. But with what Carolina linebacker Luke Kuechly did it was impossible for him to do that. The officials disagree with what I’m saying of course, and they think it wasn’t catchable so the Panthers get the victory.”