Tom Brady as least liked QB in the NFL?

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- There was a lighter moment at Tom Brady's weekly news conference Thursday, and it started when a television news reporter asked if he would entertain one “non X, O question.”

Brady obliged, saying, “Sure, let’s talk non X, O right now.”

Here is the rest of the Q&A:

Reporter: A prestigious polling agency did their annual NFL poll and found you to be the least liked NFL quarterback.

Brady: Really?

Reporter: To be fair, you were the second most liked, but well behind Peyton Manning. People have been giving their opinions on how Tom Brady could be the least liked. Why do you think?

Brady: There are probably a lot of reasons [laughs]. I don’t know. That’s a great question.

Reporter: Some have suggested jealousy of not only football success, but the kind of life you have off the field.

Brady: [Laughs] What kind of life do I have off the field?

Reporter: A supermodel wife ...

Brady: Oh, that. That’s the reason [laughs] ...

Reporter: You get to live a pretty good life and some people might be jealous.

Brady: I live a great life. I do.

Reporter: Do you think that plays into it, along with your NFL success?

Brady: I’m not sure. I’m not sure. You’d probably have to ask all those people that you polled. But you’re right, there’s nothing I’d rather do than play football for the New England Patriots. And yes, I have a great family. Thank you.

Later in the news conference, he was answering a different question about his work with young receivers when he referred back to the television news reporter.

"I'm constantly kind of a pain in their butt," he said. "Maybe they are some of the guys you polled, some of my receivers that really dislike me. I could definitely see that."